High-Conflict Familes

Brandi is a trained Parent Coordinator/Facilitator. She offers a child-centered dispute resolution service to co-parents to implement a workable parenting plan. This is a problem-solving service offered to parents raising children between two homes who wish to put their children first in the midst of conflict. This is typically court ordered.

The role of Parent Coordinator/Facilitator can only be fulfilled by a licensed mental health professional with the proper training or an attorney. When Brandi is acting as a PC/PF, she is offering a type of mediation service and not a therapy service.

She also enjoys working with families through the reunification process or various forms of co-parenting therapy which may or may not be court ordered.

Reunification therapy is often needed when a parent or guardian has been out of a child’s life for an extended period of time due to court orders, drug/alcohol addiction, incarceration or physical/mental illness. The reunification process allows that parent and child to reconnect and build trust in a safe and healthy environment.

Co-parenting therapy services may be needed when parents are struggling to get along and the conflict creates unhealthy stress among all the family members, including the children. Often times divorce and separation are highly emotional and it’s helpful to have a professional involved to help guide the parties while keeping the children a priority.